Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Thursday Origami

Today's craft will be a origami box. 
Things you will need:
Origami paper or printer your choice.
Optional: Ribbon, Flowers, Stickers, Glitter, Glitter glue, and Markers
Step 1-
cut along the edges

Step 2-
Fold paper in half
Step 3-
 Same but opposite way

Step 4-
Fold the two sides into the half way mark

Step 5-
 Same but opposite way

Step 6-
It should look something like this

Step 7-
Cut along the dotted lines

This part is tricky)
Step 8-
fold 1 fourth up then fold the two
flaps in (and don't cut off  any squares just where the dots were)

Step 9-
Do the same on opposite side

Step 10-
glue remaining flaps

Step 11-
To make the top follow the same directions
only don't do step 1

Step 12-
Decorate how ever you like

Enjoy and a happy new year :)

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